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Helping People Take the next step in their spiritual lives

Thank you for the opportunity to introduce Brookdale Baptist Church. God is in the process of doing great things at Brookdale and, we are excited to share them with you. We are trying to help people discover the greatness of Jesus Christ and the difference a "living faith" can make. Like many others who call Brookdale their church home, you may find a place to belong.


Flagpoles fly flags that identify states or countries. While they do not tell you everything there is to know about a country, they announce its presence and identify it. In a similar way a ministry can be defined by what it values the most. At the core, what identifies Brookdale Baptist Church? We would like to offer the following Biblically derived flagpoles that hopefully demonstrate what we value most.

The flagpole of simple ministry: Our study of Ephesians 4 during the summer of 2011 defined the nature of this. The ministry is a ministry of the Word helping people take the next step in their spiritual lives. Ephesians 4 declares that the Lord has gifted the Body with the resources to help individual believers move toward maturity in Christ.

The flagpole of Christ: Our study of Ephesians 4 reminds us that Brookdale is Christ’s church. He left Heaven to robe Himself with flesh and blood to pay the debt of our sin; He created the church. He gifted the church. and He set the agenda for the church.

The flagpole of the Word of God: Although Ephesians 4 does not directly address the Word of God, it is implied throughout the chapter. The gifted leaders of Ephesians 4:11 are Word administrators. The Word correctly taught brings doctrinal stability (4:14). The truth lovingly spoken brings growth (4:15). We only know Jesus Christ by means of the Word (4:20-21).

The flagpole of God’s Grace: The grace of God is a rich, theological theme of the entire Bible. God’s unmerited favor expressed to us in manifold ways (1 Pt 4:10) saves us (Eph 1:7), teaches us (Titus 2:10-11), keeps us (Jms 4:6), and defines us (Eph 4:29).

The Gospel Message



  • The Transcendence and Immanence of God (Isaiah 57:15-16)


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